Remote Support

Our experienced team of IT Support engineers will be able to remotely diagnose and repair your IT issues, improving the speed of resolution, reducing costs and ensuring that you and your team can remain happy and productive. You enjoy lower support costs because it takes less time to address and resolve your IT issues, while also removing the time and cost to travel to site. With an agreed IT Support contract, you know how much you’re remote IT support will cost monthly, which will allow you to budget better.


The monitoring and maintenance portion of our service is a remote IT service. This provides proactive IT support covering server and software updates, data backup service, anti-virus monitoring service and maintenance, as well as firewall monitoring service. The platform is designed to alert our engineers of potential problems before they arise.


Our IT Audit service is an examination of the controls within an organization’s IT infrastructure. During the IT controls audit process, our Auditors collect and evaluate evidence of the client’s information systems controls, policies and procedures, and other related documentation to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of mission-critical systems and data. While the audit scope is constantly expanding and depends primarily on the size and scope of the client’s operation, the audit process analyzes three fundamental control domains: 1. Proactive/Protective Controls 2. Detective Controls 3. Reactive/Corrective Controls. After completing the audit, we provide a report that documents significant findings.